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Our locations

  • Zurich
  • Aargau
  • Bern
  • Basel
  • Schwyz/Glarus
  • Sargans region

We offer tailored training in technique, speed, coordination, conditioning , and awareness to take players to the next level. Recognizing that a team
coach cannot cater to every player's individual needs, our experienced and well-trained coaching team provides personalized guidance to maximize potential development.

We highly value personal and family-like atmosphere . You will always have your own dedicated coach who works closely with you. We prioritize open communication because we believe that close and personalized guidance is the key to your success.

Our collaboration begins with a free and non-binding contact through our registration form. Subsequently, we work together to define ambitious yet realistic goals. Based on this, we create a customized program to help you achieve these goals within the intended timeframe.

Non-binding registration for an initial consultation (100% free)

For a free initial consultation , as well as individual inquiries regarding individual training, goalkeeper training, training programs, nutritional advice, video creation, game analysis, or mental and athletic training , please use the form below.

Player Feedback

Gent Shala vom FC Luzern bei einem Spiel gegen den BSC YB
Gent Shala, FC Lucerne

The training at 360Football has been extremely helpful in further developing my strengths for my position and applying them effectively in the game.

Samuel Krasniqi im FC Aarau Dress bei einem Fotoshooting
Samuel Krasniqi, FC Aarau

The training has been very beneficial for me. It recently helped me to get a professional contract with FC Aarau.

Ardi Morina im FC Schaffhausen Shirt in einem Fussballspiel
Ardi Morina, FC Schaffhausen

I find the training to be very intense, and so far, I have been able to significantly improve my speed and transition play.

Prices (excl. VAT)

  • Single/trial session CHF 100
  • 10x CHF 890 (you save 110.-)
  • 20x CHF 1750 (you save 250.-)
  • 30x CHF 2550 (you save 450.-)

Payment in installments is possible upon agreement.

  • 1x: CHF 85 per person
  • 10x CHF 750 per person (you save 100.-)

Payment in installments is possible upon agreement.

  • 1x CHF 60 per person
  • 10x CHF 500 per person (You save 100.-)

Starter Package: CHF 290 per month includes:

  • Access to 360Football Online Academy
  • Assignments for independent training and review
  • 24/7 WhatsApp training support
  • 2 individual training sessions per month
  • Upgrades available

Direct payment for multiple months also possible with a discount.

Pro and Elite Packages are available upon request.

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600+ players coached

Founded 2017

100% Free of Charge & No Obligation


Individual training at a young age can indeed be beneficial, depending on the child's individual needs. We invite you to a personal phone call to discuss this in more detail.

Currently, we are present in the regions of Zurich, Aargau, Bern, Basel, Schwyz/Glarus, and Sargans.

We are continually expanding our range of locations. Feel free to contact us to find the ideal location for you.

A personal conversation is crucial for us to understand your specific
situations and goals. Once we have this information, we can work together to determine precisely what will advance your development.

In our training program at 360Football, we've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of players from various leagues. This includes professionals from the Super League and Challenge League, as well as players from the Bundesliga, Serie A, and other international leagues.

However, our offering isn't limited to professional players alone – we also have specialized coaches who excel in addressing the needs and development of children. Our goal is to support and nurture every player, regardless of their age or skill level, to the best of our abilities.

A session typically lasts for one hour.

This can vary greatly and is highly individual. We'd be happy to discuss this together during the initial consultation and find a solution that works for you.


Jan Solak im Portrait als 360Football Trainer
Jan Solak - Zurich region
  • Founder of 360Football
  • Involved since 2017
  • Youth elite football up to 1st league
Ein Portrait von Nic Keller als Trainer bei 360Football
Nic Keller - Zurich region
  • Founder of 360Football
  • Involved since 2017
  • Youth elite football up to 1st league
Portrait von Elia Kurzidim als Trainer von 360Football
Elia Kurzidim - Basel & Zurich region
  • FC Basel up to and including U21
  • Swiss youth national player up to U19
  • Various additional qualifications
Devin Baumann - Zurich region
  • Simultaneously mental coach
  • As a player until FC St. Gallen U21
  • Various additional qualifications
Stephan Andrist in Aktion beim FC Schötz
Stephan Andrist - Aargau & Zurich region
  • Former Super and Champions League player
  • International experience
  • Extensive expertise
Portrait von Julian Erismann im FC Thun Trikot
Julian Erismann - Bern region (Burgdorf)
  • Played until U21 youth elite football
  • UEFA-C licensed and active team coach
  • Continues to attend further football courses
Ein Portrait von Tomi Saarelma
Tomi Saarelma - Basel Region (Stein/Frick)
  • Played at Chelsea FC
  • International experience
  • Simultaneously a youth elite football coach (FE teams)
Ein Portrait von Yago Gomes als FC St. Gallen Spieler
Yago Gomes - Sargans/Mels region
  • Experience from Super and Challenge League
  • Simultaneously a mental coach
  • Active player in Promotion League
Portrait von Zvonko Barac als FC Bern Trainer
Zvonko Barac - Bern region
  • Extensive experience in individual training
  • Youth elite football coach (FE teams)
  • International experience
Portrait von Ronnie Aeberli
Ronnie Aeberli - Schwyz/Glarus region
  • Youth elite football up to 1st league
  • Long-standing experience in individual training
  • Simultaneously a mental coach
Portrait von Yannik Wiget als 360Football Trainer
Yannik Wiget - Aargau region
  • Experience up to Challenge League
  • Completed sports studies
  • Simultaneously a youth coach
Gian-Marco Bellisario - Aargau & Zurich region
  • Experience up to 1st league
  • Extensive expertise in individual training
  • Still an active player
Portrait von Jan Schneider als 360Football Trainer
Jan Schneider - Aargau region
  • Youth elite football up to 1st league
  • Simultaneously an athletic trainer with various certifications
  • Active team coach

100% Free of Charge & No Obligation

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