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The reason why football players choose 360football

360Football also offers international players an ideal environment

With English-speaking coaches and international experience, we can also offer the best training conditions to our non-German speaking clients in Switzerland.

In addition to team training, an ambitious footballer benefits enormously from individual training. A 360Football program tailored to the footballer in the areas of technique, speed, conditioning and awareness brings him to the next level. Team training alone is not enough to achieve the maximum. A team coach cannot dedicate himself to the development of each player in a team. This is exactly why individual soccer training makes sense, as only a competent private coach has the time and ability to train with a player individually and make him better. Together with our athletes we analyze their strengths and weaknesses and plan the sessions accordingly.
In addition, we rely on a very experienced and educated team of coaches.

together we reach your true potential to bring you a big step closer to your goal.

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 Athletic training

We'll take your conditioning, acceleration, or speed to a new level, depending on your needs. 

 Technical training

Through specific exercises we intensively work on your technical skills: Ball control, shooting technique, dribbling and all other important aspects.

Position-specific training

To make it to the professional level, you need a playing ability that sets you apart from the competition. That's exactly why you need to train position-specific and strengthen your strengths! Unfortunately, this is not possible in a team training and that's where we come into play.

Performance analysis

Performance analysis is necessary to determine your current level, to compare yourself with other players or to measure your own progress. We offer accurate speed measurements (e.g. 10 and 30m), yo-yo intermittent recovery tests (test of endurance), as well as before & after videos of specific training exercises (price on request).

 Training video

360Football will create a training video with you for your own use (application video for tryouts) as well as for the 360footballtraining Instagram page if you wish (price on request).


Since its foundation, 360Football has focused on innovative training options and now offers training sessions in the revolutionary SoccerBot360. Here you can find all the information.

 Trainingsplan #LevelUpYourGame

Wenn du kein individuelles Fussballtraining besuchen kannst oder möchtest,
aber dennoch effektiv trainieren willst, dann sollte
unser Trainingsplan #LevelUpYourGame deine Wahl sein.

Zum Trainingsplan


360football coaches

Jan Solak

Coach (Region Aargau & Zurich)

Portrait von Jan Solak auf dem Fussballplatz vor einem Trainingsgerät
  • With us for 4 years
  • 360Football founder

Nic Keller

Coach (Region Aargau & Zurich)

Portrait von Nic Keller auf dem Fussballplatz im Traineranzug
  • With us for 4 years
  • 360Football founder

Joel Untersee

Coach (Region Aargau & Zurich)

Portrait von Joel Untersee im Schweizer Nationalmannschafts Dress
Portrait von Joel Untersee im Trikot des FCZ an einem Europa League Spiel
  • Used to play Swiss Super League and Serie A
  • Training in the senior team of Juventus Turin

Ronnie Aeberli

Coach (Region Schwyz, Glarus & St. Gallen)

Portrait von Fabian Biemmi, sitzend auf einer Treppe.
  • Coach at FC Rapperswil-Jona
  • Active player himself (1st league)

Jan Schneider

Coach (Region Aargau & Solothurn)

Portrait von Fabian Biemmi, sitzend auf einer Treppe.
  • Coach at Team Aargau
  • Experience in different leagues

Yannik Wiget

Coach (Region Bern)

  • Junior-coach and Sports student
  • Experience in Challenge Leauge

Gian-Marco Bellisario

Coach (Region Aargau/Zurich)

Portrait von Gian-Marco Bellisario im Trainer von 360Football
  • Played up to Promotion League
  • Still active himself

Devin Baumann

Coach (Region Aargau & Zurich)

Portrait von Devin Baumann
  • Football Mental Coach as well
  • Active player himself in different leagues

Livio Abächerli

Coach (Region Bern)

Portrait von Livio Abächerli auf dem Fussballplatz
  • Sports Student & Junior Coach
  • UEFA C lizenziert

Cristhian Garcia

Coach (Region Central Switzerland)

Portrait von Cristhian Garcia mit einem Fussball auf dem Platz
  • Coach at FC Rapperswil-Jona
  • Working in physiotherapy

We have already coached over 300 players individually: from youngsters to Super League and Serie A professionals.


We support you on your way to the next level! #LevelUpYourGame