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Ein Fussballspieler steht im Kreis des Soccerbot360

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The innovative training with the Soccerbot360

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Thanks to the Soccerbot, cognitive abilities that are otherwise difficult to measure can also be examined in detail. Players receive an individual, number-based report that forms the basis for individual training adjustments.

This includes a large number of ball contacts, pre-orientation, receiving the ball and improving the quality of the pass. All in a set-up that's about performing under pressure and achieving high scores.

Soccerbot360 ensures variety in training and motivates players to push their limits in a playful way. Testing checks progress and ensures the right path to improving performance.

3D visualization of motion data captures precise player data, including reaction time, passing accuracy, left-right ratio and more. This
enables precise before and after analyses.

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Location & price list (excl. VAT)

  • Fabrik11 in Dübendorf
  • Fabrik11 in Winterthur (on request)
  • 89 CHF per person (coaching included)

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