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Get all information about the training program on the training plan overview .

Discover a world of possibilities to take your game to the next level with our #LevelUpYourGame training program! With over 300 diverse exercises, complete workouts, useful tips and tricks to improve your skills, as well as a valuable list of mistakes to avoid, we offer you everything you need to unleash your full potential. Dive in now and experience how you can improve your performance - visit our site for more information!

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our mission

Unleash the potential of every footballer

Day after day, we dedicate ourselves to this mission with passion.

Our story

Our journey began in 2017 when we, Jan and Nic, aged 20 and 21 respectively, decided to take our passion for football to a whole new level. As enthusiastic footballers, we always had the dream of a professional career in mind and had previously gone through numerous youth teams, experiencing the highs and lows of competitive football.

However, we realised that more was needed to make our big dream come true. A key factor we identified was the importance of individual training and personal attention alongside team training - a real game changer. As a result, we started additional training sessions for young football talents. At that point, we didn't know where this path would lead us.

However, we soon realized that the players we were supporting were making amazing progress and demand was constantly growing. 360Football grew with each success and we expanded our offering in various directions.

Today we are proud to have a team of 15 dedicated professionals and trainers behind us who share our vision. As a young start-up company, we are doing everything we can to shape the future of football training.

Jan und Nic Gründer von 360Football sind im San Siro Stadion zu sehen