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Private soccer training (individual training) for children - does it even make sense?

In the world of football, many children dream of becoming professionals one day. While team training is important, individual football training , also known as private football training , is becoming increasingly important. But does it really make sense to invest in individual training for children? In this blog post, we will look at the benefits, challenges and give practical tips on how children can be supported through individual training. We have a whole YouTube video or the following blog post on this topic.

Why is private football training important?

1. Individual support

Individual training makes it possible to specifically address the individual strengths and weaknesses of a child. Unlike team training, the trainer can deal more intensively with specific aspects such as technique, coordination and tactics in private training. This individual support helps to develop the child's full potential.

2. Increase self-confidence

Through personal and continuous support in individual training, children experience rapid progress, which strengthens their self-confidence. Experiences of success in training increase motivation and promote the joy of playing football. Children often transfer this new-found self-confidence to other areas of life, such as their school performance.

3. Flexibility and adaptability

Individual training offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of time and location. Training plans can be individually adapted to meet the child's school and family commitments.

Advantages of individual football training for children

1. Technical skills

Children can significantly improve their ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting techniques. The coach can incorporate specific exercises that are tailored to the needs of the child.

2. Condition and endurance

Individual fitness training helps children to improve their endurance and speed. Through targeted exercises they can improve their performance on the field.

3. Mental strength

Individual training also offers the opportunity to promote mental strength and concentration. The trainer can teach techniques for managing stress and increasing game intelligence.

4. Personal development

In addition to the sporting aspects, individual training also supports the child's personal development. Discipline, perseverance and self-management are skills that go far beyond sport.

Challenges and solutions

1. Costs

Individual training can be costly for some families. Parents should consider the child's budget and long-term goals. It may also be an option to consider group or duo training to save costs.

2. Time required

The time required for additional training alongside school and other activities can be high, so careful planning and coordination of training times is crucial.

3. Social aspects

While individual training offers many benefits, children should also experience the social aspects of team training. A good mix of the two can help develop both individual skills and team spirit.


Private soccer training (individual training) for children offers numerous advantages that go far beyond improving soccer skills. Through individual support, children can specifically improve their technique, fitness and mental strength. Despite the challenges, such as costs and time, individual training can be a useful addition to team training.

If you are interested in how 360Football can help your child through professional private training, contact us today . Our experienced coaches will help your child reach their full potential and maximize the enjoyment of football.

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