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Training goals in preparation for football preparation Part 3

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What training goals should be pursued when preparing for football? part 3

In our last article we already discussed various training goals that should be pursued when preparing for football. In this context, we have already discussed the objectives in the body skills Active Joint Mobility and Strength (and their sub-abilities).

Today we're going to look at another important physical skill - football-specific endurance.

Last but not least, any soccer preparation should build soccer-specific endurance. The emphasis is on football-specific. By football-specific endurance we mean endurance ability that comes as close as possible to the football-specific requirement profile. In this context, it makes sense to know the requirements profile of a footballer. The requirement profile in terms of a footballer's strength endurance consists of the following components within a football game:

  • 40% walking
  • 20% standing
  • 25% jogging
  • 10% fast running pace
  • 5% sprint at maximum speed

For this reason, it makes very little sense to carry out long and even runs as part of the preparation for football preparation, but also during the football preparation itself, as these simply do not correspond to the requirements profile of a footballer.

Rather, you should condition your body during endurance training according to the football-specific stress by specifically incorporating phases of high intensity stress, followed by appropriate recovery phases. In this context, we differentiate between four different training zones:

  1. Regenerative training zone (up to 60% load intensity)
  2. Extensive training zone (60-80% exercise intensity)
  3. Intensive training zone (80-90% exercise intensity)
  4. High-intensity training zone (90-100% exercise intensity)

As already described above, the football-specific stress takes place in all training zones. For this reason, all training zones should be trained if possible!

Author: Nico Imhof, physiotherapist

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