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What are the 5 most effective speed exercises?

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Speed ​​is extremely important in every football game. That's why we'll show you our top 5 speed exercises for footballers, so that you can get to the ball one step ahead of your opponents. Of course, speed is largely genetically determined, but you can get the most out of yourself with targeted exercises. Above all, football is not primarily about long sprints, but about how quickly you can change direction, slow down, etc.

First of all; We recommend that you pick three exercises for each speed training session and then carry them out properly.

1. Exercises with the running ladder

When doing exercises with the running ladder, you train your coordination on the one hand, but also your step frequency. These components are very important for your speed. That's why we recommend that you do various running ladder exercises followed by a short 100% sprint. Do between 8-12 sprints (repetitions) in total.

2. Sprints with changes of direction

In football you constantly have to change direction abruptly. That's why it's important to incorporate sprints with quick changes of direction into your training. With a few cones, an exercise like this can be set up quickly. We recommend between 8-12 sprints (repetitions).

3. Stop and Go

This is about stop and go (aborting and accelerating). In a football game you often have to stop and then, depending on the situation, immediately start sprinting again. In order to do this really explosively, you need the necessary practice and the necessary muscles. That's why you should always include a stop and go movement in your speed training. Again, 8-12 sprints (repetitions).

4. Get explosive

Your fast muscle fibers should be maximally activated here. In the starting position you get on your knees and jump up suddenly without supporting yourself with your hands, and then do a short sprint. (8-12 sprints)

5. Bonus: Resistance sprints

As a bonus exercise, we have sprints with resistance for you. Sprints with resistance can help you challenge your muscles even more. In the video, however, the distance is a bit too short. If possible, sprint slightly longer distances with resistance.

In summary, you can say: train your speed at least once a week if you want to reach your potential. It is also important that you give 100% in every sprint and then take enough breaks between sprints so that you can then give 100% again.


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