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The indoor football hall in Zurich offers an ideal opportunity for football enthusiasts to pursue their hobby regardless of the weather conditions. Indoor football halls such as the 360Footballarena in Zurich are specially designed facilities that offer players and teams optimal training and playing conditions. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the indoor football hall in Zurich, its advantages and the versatile uses.

What is an indoor soccer hall?

An indoor soccer hall is a specially constructed facility that allows soccer matches and training to be held regardless of external weather conditions. These halls are usually equipped with artificial turf and offer a comfortable and controlled environment for athletes.

Advantages of the indoor soccer hall in Zurich

Weather independence

One of the biggest advantages of the indoor soccer hall in Zurich is that it is independent of the weather. Rain, snow or extreme heat have no influence on the game. This allows for training and playing opportunities all year round.

Large indoor soccer field

The 360Football Arena in Zurich is well equipped. The large artificial turf provides optimal playing conditions. Lighting systems ensure ideal visibility even in the dark.

Versatile uses

The indoor soccer hall in Zurich offers a wide range of possible uses. It can be booked for regular training, friendly matches, tournaments and special events such as bubble soccer or children's birthdays. Company events and team graduations also find ideal conditions here.

Services in the 360Footballarena

Seat booking

The 360Footballarena can easily be booked for individual training sessions and matches. The hall is available for individuals and teams looking for a high-quality indoor pitch.

Bubble Soccer Zurich

Bubble soccer is a fun version of soccer where players are in inflatable balls. The 360Footballarena offers perfect conditions for bubble soccer, ideal for team events, birthday parties and bachelor parties.

Training and group training

Group training sessions take place regularly in the 360Footballarena . These are divided into different age groups and offer structured training by experienced trainers. There are fixed training times that take place both during the week and at the weekend.

Children's birthdays in the hall

The hall can be rented for unforgettable children's birthday parties. In addition to the classic football game, bubble soccer and other games can also be organized. You can find further information and booking options on the separate page for children's birthdays.

Events and celebrations

The 360Footballarena is an ideal location for various events:

  • Corporate events: Perfect for team building activities, workshops and company parties.
  • Team graduations: Celebrate the successful conclusion of a season or a club anniversary.
  • Team events: Promote team spirit with sporting activities.
  • Bachelor Parties: Plan an unforgettable bachelor party.
  • Birthday parties: A great way to celebrate birthdays of all ages.
  • Private celebrations: Ideal for family celebrations and anniversaries.
  • School events: Organise sports days, class celebrations or graduation parties.
  • Seminars and workshops: Use the modern equipment for training and presentations.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions: Plan small trade fairs and product presentations.

Booking and prices

Booking the Zurich Indoor Football Hall is easy and convenient via the 360Footballarena website. There you will also find detailed information about prices and available time slots. Prices are staggered depending on the booking duration and type of event and offer flexible options for different needs.


How can I book the indoor soccer hall in Zurich?
Booking is done via the 360Footballarena website. Simply select the desired time and occasion and follow the instructions in the booking system.

What equipment is provided?
Basic football equipment such as balls and goals are available in the hall. You should bring your own football boots and training clothes.

Can the hall be booked for regular training times?
Yes, it is possible to book the hall for regular training times.


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The indoor football hall in Zurich is an excellent opportunity to play and train football regardless of the weather conditions. The 360Footballarena offers the ideal conditions for this with its modern equipment and diverse usage options. Whether for regular training, special events or private parties - the hall can be used flexibly and offers optimal conditions for football enthusiasts in Zurich.

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