Zvonko Barac von teamzfootball ist auf den drei Bildern zu sehen

360Football in the Bern region: private training with teamzFootball (Zvonko Barac)

Posted by Nic Keller on

Zvonko Barac from zFootball can be seen in action in three pictures side by side

We at 360Football are pleased to announce our collaboration with TeamzFootball.

TeamzFootball is led by Zvonko Barac and, like us, offers personal and small group training for footballers in the Bern region. He has extensive experience as both a personal and team trainer. The collaboration between 360Football and TeamzFootball has worked very well so far on both a human and professional level. We share the same training philosophy and are therefore convinced that we will continue to maintain pleasant cooperation through the synergies of our teams.

That's why we're happy to work with such an experienced and talented trainer. We have joined forces to expand our offering and to be able to offer you as a footballer in the Bern region the best possible quality of additional training.

TeamzFootball will also be able to distribute our 360Football supplements in the Bern region and offer them to its players. So if you go to training at Zvonko, you can treat yourself to our supplements right there.

We will keep you updated and provide further updates on our collaboration.

If you have any further questions or are interested in private training , please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jan & Nic from 360Football

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