Tracktics Tracker in Nahaufnahme auf einem Fussballfeld (Rasen)

This is how Tracktics makes you a better footballer

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Tracktics tracker in close-up on a soccer field (lawn)

If you want to optimize your physical performance on the football field, you need a starting point. What is the benchmark against which I want to improve? This reference point is set by measuring performance data with GPS trackers. But that is only the beginning. How can I use the data optimally for myself over a longer period of time? How can I optimize my performance using performance data? These are our answers:

Development through goal setting

“At the end of the preparation I want to increase my mileage by 20%!”

With TRACKTICS you can set individual performance goals for individual training or game units, but also goals over a longer period of time (e.g. preparation time). You can use the objective data to check whether you are achieving your goals. Are you currently in the middle of preparation and want to check how your athletic performance is developing until the start of the second half of the season? With TRACKTICS you can identify performance and fitness deficits in good time and take appropriate countermeasures.

TRACKTICS as an independent feedback partner

“Look, coach, my curve is clearly pointing upwards!”

With TRACKTICS you can see what you do day after day in training and in games. You can compare yourself with your teammates and check whether you are actually implementing the coach's tactical instructions (e.g. by analyzing the positional play on the heat map/sprint map, see demo mode ). TRACKTICS shows you an objective picture of your current fitness level, which can help you fight for the coveted regular spots in the team.

Load control

“Today I was exhausted. Did I train too hard during the week?”

Improvements in physical performance can only be achieved through stress that goes beyond the usual level. This increase in stress must be carefully controlled and monitored. This is exactly where TRACKTICS comes into play. Our data will help you see how you need to manage your load over a week of training to reach your optimal fitness level in the game. In addition, overloading can be detected better and the risk of injury can be minimized.

Motivation through performance measurement

“I've cracked the 10km mark, now I'm setting my sights on the 11km!”

Anyone who plays football in a club usually also has ambitions: they want to get better, they want to compete with others, they want to win. The collection of performance data creates new incentives for ambitious footballers to constantly redefine their own performance limits. With TRACKTICS you set your own benchmarks. Comparing yourself with teammates and the top performers from your region (in the TRACKTICS league) gives you that extra shot of motivation.

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