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Train your legs properly with your own body weight

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The legs are probably the most important thing for a footballer. That's why you should train them accordingly. Your speed, muscular endurance and explosiveness depend largely on your lower body strength. That's why we'll show you 5 exercises that you can do with your own body weight.

1. Squats

Squats are primarily about strengthening your thigh muscles and your butt. Do 3x as many clean reps as possible (approx. 10-20)

2. Lunges

Here you train both legs individually, which prevents muscular imbalances. Do 3x as many clean reps as possible (12-15 per leg)

3. Side lunges

This exercise challenges your legs in a different way. Your bottom in particular is controlled, which helps you become faster. Do 3x as many clean reps as possible (approx. 10-12 per leg)

4. Calf raises

You should also strengthen your calf muscles regularly. Do 3x as many repetitions until it starts to burn and then 5 more (approx. 15-20). Choose your difficulty level; Either Two-legged (Easy-Medium) or Single-legged (Medium-Hard)

5. Bridge

This exercise is super important to prevent hamstring injuries (which are very common). Hold the tension for at least 30 seconds (easy) and/or do 3x 10-12 repetitions per leg

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