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Complete football training alone and without equipment

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Football training all alone and without any equipment

Do you want to become a better footballer ? Without any equipment (just the ball and shoes) and all alone ? Then our latest YouTube video will be very helpful for you.

Sure, with the right training material or a personal trainer you can get even more out of your individual sessions, but training yourself without equipment is a very good starting point to become better than the competition.

Let's go into the individual topics we will train:

1. Ball control

Such exercises are very suitable as a warm-up. First, you should concentrate on executing the exercise, followed by an increase in speed (you can also take risks here). In addition, you should try to take your eyes off the ball regularly to get a better overview.

2. Speed

You must be 100% warmed up before starting sprints. We're already incorporating the sprints here because your legs still need to be fresh in order to increase your speed. You should take a break of around 2 minutes between sprints. Quality over quantity also applies here, which means that you only do 4 sprints for both exercises.

3. Passing exercises and receiving the ball

In these exercises you will train your ability to receive the ball cleanly and your passing quality. First we start with flat passes, where you have to pay attention to flat and accurate passes. In addition, the ball reception should not be too close, but also not too far away from the body. Over time you can increase the speed at which you perform the exercise.

4. Receiving the ball from the air

First you train the feeling with the inside and outside. In the third exercise the focus is on receiving the ball from the air into the run. Take the ball along the run properly (but not too far) and then pick up speed with the ball at your foot before you stop.

5. Shooting practice

You will now first train different shooting variations. The focus is on shots with the full instep, the inside and a few volleys. Pay attention first to precision and then to shot strength. You can then practice the finishes from the run with integrated feints.

6. Strength training

Finally, you can incorporate a few basics to build strength and stability in your body. If you are more advanced, you can of course do a lot more or do your strength training at a different time. Here we show you three exercises for the upper body. Once something for the core, once something for the chest, shoulder muscles and triceps, and once for the back muscles and biceps.

You can find the whole video below

This type of training is a good starting point to improve your technique and refine your skills as a soccer player. But if you really want to get the most out of your training, then you should consider coming to 360Football for one-on-one training.

At 360Football we work with our players on all aspects of football, including technique, speed, ball control, passing drills and much more. We offer personalized training to ensure every player can improve their skills. You can find out more about this here .

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