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Does strength training and football fit?

Posted by Nic Keller on

Of course, everyone is allowed to form their own opinion on this topic. You are also welcome to discuss other opinions with me, and I would be very happy to exchange experiences.

My opinion is that not only does it fit, once you've achieved a certain level of success it's absolutely necessary! It is important to know that you should start as early as possible in order to develop the necessary technology. In addition, strength training is just as much a part of training as normal football training. Not just during breaks, but really regularly 2-3 times a week.


You too can improve your performance with strength training!

With proper and targeted strength training, everyone can improve their performance!

You too!

Not every training plan makes the same sense. In order to bring the horsepower from the gym to the grass, you have to do special exercises. Then you can use the muscles you have built up properly on the field.


In football, strength comes before mass!

The perfect strength training for you builds strength and muscle mass in equal measure and gives you more explosiveness, speed and at the same time you are more robust and dynamic.

It is important that you always adapt your training plans to the situation. It doesn't do you any good to build muscle in preparation. The only important thing here is preservation, and you shouldn't want too much even during the season. The perfect times are the breaks, where you can fully concentrate on strength training. This means you will be able to make big jumps within a short period of time.


Basic exercises instead of isolation exercises!

In my opinion, a training plan for footballers should consist of many basic exercises, where as many muscle groups as possible are trained. With such complex compound exercises you can help the body as a whole to become stronger.


Ronaldo or Lewandowski are your role models?! Then take the next step now!

I hope you don't misunderstand me, I'm not talking about building muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime as a bodybuilder, that wouldn't be an option as a footballer. The basic patterns of every footballer are sprinting, tackling strength, shooting power and jumping power. To optimize these values ​​you need strong muscles - another advantage of strong muscles. If your muscles are strong and balanced, the muscles support your joints and are the best prevention against injuries.


Technique, tactics and endurance training is carried out on the field week after week. There is often no time left for strength training. Unfortunately...


I hope this article helped you.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to help at any time. I would also be happy to help you with my various programs.

If I have aroused your interest but you have no experience in strength training yet, please contact me.

I'm happy to take time for your goals and wishes, and together we'll reach YOUR next fitness level!


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We thank you Michael for the interesting guest blog post!

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