1 gegen 1 Übungen Fussball

What are the best 1 on 1 drills in football?

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We'll show you the 5 most effective 1 against 1 tricks and the corresponding exercises. Very special tricks look all well and good, but there is hardly any room for them in a real game. At most, a player like Neymar leaves his opponents standing with a fancy trick. That's exactly why we'll show you the 5 most effective ones below, which you can actually use in the game.

1. Body illusion

Very popular with Lionel Messi, it is the most effective skill of all if you execute it at speed. Even though this trick looks simple, you need to practice a lot to master it perfectly.

2. "Play left, go right"

This trick is best when you're going at full speed and have some space. You play the ball past the opponent on the left and pass him on the right without the ball. Done correctly, the opponent has almost no chance because he has to turn completely.

3. La Croqueta

Here you need very good technique and timing is very important. Only when the player stabs effectively do you make the movement. The best way to see what it all looks like is in the video below.

4. Simple stepover

In the case of the step over, the deception must be as believable as possible. You can't do the stepover too early, but you can't do it too late either. In contrast to the double stepover, we find the single stepover more effective because you can do it faster.

5. Lucas Fake

This trick is great when you and your opponent are both standing. You fake sprinting to one side and then go straight to the other with the ball. How you do this exactly is explained in detail in the video.

In summary, one can say: It's better to train a few simple tricks properly instead of learning the most unusual ones, which are then effectively useless in the game.

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