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How do I become an explosive footballer?

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In the last article we discussed speed. Now we will take a closer look at part of it, the topic of “explosiveness”, and show you which exercises you can use to become an explosive player. This will help you improve your acceleration, your speed and your jumping power. The results will be amazing if you have never done such exercises regularly.

Let's get to the exercises, which we also show in detail in video form.

1. Jump to elevation

Jump over a small hurdle with both legs and then immediately jump onto a raised area. The ground contact in between should be as short as possible so that you train your reactive strength effectively. Here you can do a good 12-15 concentrated repetitions. The exercise is not strenuous and still helps you target the right muscle fibers.

2. Split squat jumps

This is one of our favorite exercises. You get into a position as if you were doing a lunge. But you place your back leg on a raised spot and then jump as high as possible with your front leg. And about 8 times, always with maximum effort. We recommend 3x 8 repetitions per leg.

3. One-legged jumps

In this exercise you place 4-6 hurdles on the ground about 1-2 meters apart. Then jump on one leg as far and high as possible with short contacts for explosiveness. This will help you build up real power and also prevent you from developing muscular imbalances. Because with two-legged exercises, you may train one leg more than the other. 5-6 passes per leg are enough here.

4. Double leg jumps with stops

Now it's about building maximum power from a standing position with both legs. You jump as far as you can, stop and stabilize completely for about a second. Then jump again as far as possible. 4-5 jumps and 4-6 passes of them are enough.

5. Bonus: Side jumps

As a bonus exercise we have special side jumps. This exercise is great for becoming a complete athlete because you train different elements at the same time.

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