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Football training methods


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Football training methods have evolved and adapted over the years to meet the demands of the modern game. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the most important training methods in football, their application and their importance for players of all ages and levels.

Basics of football training methods

Definition and objectives

Football training methods include a variety of techniques and exercises aimed at improving the physical, technical, tactical and mental skills of players. The main goal is to prepare players optimally for competitions and to continuously improve their performance. At 360Football we offer tailor-made training programs that cover exactly these aspects.

Historical development

The development of football training methods has changed significantly over the years. From the simple exercises of early football history to the highly complex training programs of today, training has continually adapted to the new findings of sports science.

Physical training methods

Endurance training

Endurance training is a central part of any football preparation. There are various forms of endurance training, including:

  • Running training: Running over different distances to improve basic endurance.
  • Interval training: alternating between intense running phases and recovery phases to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Our experts at 360Football create individual endurance training plans tailored to the needs of each player or help with complete summer or winter preparation.

Strength training

Strength training plays an important role in improving the physical performance of football players. It includes:

  • Strength endurance training: low to moderate intensity, high repetition exercises to improve muscular endurance.
  • Maximum strength training: Training with heavy weights and low repetitions to increase maximum muscle strength.
  • Explosive strength training: exercises aimed at developing explosive strength, such as jumps and sprints.

At 360Football we offer specialized strength training programs that are specifically tailored to the demands of football.

Speed ​​training

Speed ​​is a crucial skill in football. Speed ​​training includes:

  • Sprints: Short, maximum sprints to improve starting and finishing speed.
  • Running technique training: exercises to improve running technique and efficiency.
  • Reaction training: Exercises to increase reaction speed, often with the help of visual or acoustic signals.

Our speed training sessions at 360Football are designed to maximize players' reaction and sprinting abilities. We have plans or suitable coaches for this.

Technical training methods

Ball control

Ball control is a fundamental skill in football. Training methods to improve ball control include:

  • Dribbling drills: Drills aimed at improving the ability to keep the ball close to the feet.
  • Passing drills: Exercises that improve the precision and speed of passes.
  • Ball receiving and carrying exercises: Techniques to improve ball control when receiving and processing the ball.

Our coaches at 360Football place great emphasis on targeted technical training to optimize the players’ ball skills.

Shooting training

An effective shot is crucial in football. Shooting training includes:

  • Shooting technique exercises: Exercises to improve shooting technique and accuracy.
  • Free kick drills: Specific exercises to improve free kick skills.
  • Finishing training: Exercises that simulate different finishing situations to increase effectiveness in front of the goal.

Our shooting training sessions at 360Football are designed to improve players’ accuracy and shooting power.

Heading training

Heading is an important skill, especially in set pieces. Heading training includes:

  • Technique exercises: Exercises to improve heading technique and precision.
  • Jumping exercises: Training to improve jumping power and timing when heading the ball.
  • Header duels: Exercises that simulate the competitive nature of header duels.

Tactical training methods

Game systems and formations

Tactical training is crucial to develop game intelligence and understanding of different game systems. This includes:

  • Formation training: exercises to practice and adapt to different game systems such as 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 3-5-2.
  • Positional play: Training that focuses on the specific requirements and tasks of each position.
  • Match analysis: Video analysis of games to identify tactical strengths and weaknesses.

Standard situations

Standard situations are often decisive in the game. Tactical training includes:

  • Corners and free kicks: Exercises to improve effectiveness in corners and free kicks.
  • Kick-off variations: Training different kick-off variations and their tactical application.
  • Throw-in techniques: Exercises to improve throw-in technique and tactical application.

Switching game

Transition play, i.e. the quick change between attack and defence, is crucial in modern football. Training methods include:

  • Counter exercises: Exercises that simulate the rapid transition from defense to attack.
  • Pressing exercises: Training that promotes the rapid build-up of pressure on the opponent after losing the ball.
  • Defensive organization: exercises for quickly and effectively reorienting the defense after losing the ball.

Mental training methods

Concentration and focus

Mental strength is an essential part of football. Training methods to improve mental skills include:

  • Concentration exercises: Exercises that promote concentration during the game.
  • Visualization techniques: Techniques that encourage the mental replaying of game situations.
  • Relaxation exercises: Methods to reduce stress and promote mental recovery.

We work with a partner in this area. Contact us for more information.

Team spirit and motivation

A strong team spirit and high motivation are crucial for success. Training methods include:

  • Team building activities: exercises and activities to strengthen team spirit and collaboration.
  • Motivational strategies: techniques and approaches to increase individual and collective motivation.
  • Communication training: exercises to improve communication within the team.

Services of 360Football

Individual training

At 360Football we offer bespoke football personal training tailored to the exact needs of each player. Our coaches work closely with players to optimise their technical, tactical, physical and mental skills.

Group training

Our group training sessions at 360Football are divided into different age and ability groups. This enables targeted training that is tailored to the specific needs of the group. Our experienced trainers ensure that every training session is varied and effective.

Nutritional advice for footballers

A balanced diet is crucial for athletic performance. At 360Football , we offer comprehensive nutritional advice tailored to the individual needs and goals of the players. Our experts help to develop and implement the optimal nutritional strategy.

Mental training

In addition to physical and technical training, at 360Football we place great emphasis on the mental strength of our players. Our mental trainers (partners) offer special programs aimed at improving concentration, focus and mental resilience.

Events and Camps

We organize football camps and events aimed at developing participants' skills in an intensive training environment. These events provide the opportunity to learn from our experienced coaches and compete against other players.

Video analysis

At 360Football , we use modern video analysis technology to evaluate our players' performance in detail and make targeted improvements. This enables precise analysis of games and training sessions and helps to identify individual strengths and weaknesses.


Football training methods are diverse and include physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects. They are designed to continuously improve the performance of players and prepare them optimally for competitions. By using different methods, coaches and players can ensure that all relevant skills and abilities are specifically developed and promoted.

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